WizKids Cancels Q2 – Q3 2020 Public Events

Posted March 23rd, 2020 by Joe Pangrazio

From wizkids.com

"Hello WizKids Fans,

The safety and well-being of our players, staff, business partners and their families is of the utmost importance, as such we have made the difficult decision to cancel all upcoming trade and consumer events during Q2 and Q3 2020. This cancellation notice includes both Origins Game Fair and UK Games Expo. We feel this is a necessary and responsible step. As we will no longer be attending Origins Game Fair, we are currently discussing options for the status for our WizKids U.S. National Championships and will follow up with a separate announcement in the coming weeks.

We understand that things are changing rapidly all the time, and should it make sense and is safe to do so, we will consider attending events during the Q2-Q3 timeframe but with a smaller footprint than you are normally used to seeing from us. If so, we will post when and where these events may be held.

At this time, we are still planning to attend our regularly attended Q4 events. This includes The WizKids World Championships at GracelandPAX UnpluggedBGG Con and more. Keep an eye on WizKids.com for the latest news about our event schedule. We look forward to seeing you all later this year!

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this trying time.

-The WizKids Team"


There is also word that Diamond and Alliance warehouses will be closing down indefinitely. This likely means that JLU and the Fantastic Four Cosmic Clash starter will be delayed until all this craziness blows over. That has not been officially confirmed, however.

Stay safe. Stay vigilant. And try to be kind. We're all in this together.


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