Clix Yule: Day Ten

Posted December 30th, 2020 by Joe Pangrazio

Heroclix players! Welcome to Day 10 of Clix Nexus' Clix Yule celebration. For the next two days, we are going to preview a giveaway each day. Then, after the new year we will do a drawing of twelve patrons to pick which giveaway they want.

So if you want a chance at one of these awesome packages, just head on over to Patreon and sign up at any level.

Also, as we come to the end of Clix Yule, I encourage you to head over to Dishin Up Clix and take part in Clixmas. Send your fun clix stories to

Day Ten is keeping with my X-Men theme and includes the WKO Pixie, Barrel and Tire stack from this year's only round of WKOs. As well as the older WKO Forge and Black King. And as with all the giveaways, you're getting a lovely pair of Clix Nexus dice.


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