JLU Contest Results

Posted April 28th, 2020 by Joe Pangrazio

Howdy Heroclix fans. As you will remember, we ran a little contest this last week that was super easy. Register on the forums (which also registers you for the site and allows you to track your collection in units) and you're entered for a drawing of the new JLU set.

Enough people entered that we did three drawings. The two JLU lots and a third lot that will receive some WKO prizing.

The winners in question are:

3rd) Spangdog

2nd) PowerElite

1st) Zack

Packages will be going out in the next few days and I'm glad everyone was interested.


I plan on doing more drawings in the future and will more than likely use registration as an easy way to do it. So, make sure to sign up and join the revolution. Also, you can only win one of these drawings once in a calendar year (contests will be more skill based and won't have a limit). So, I'm trying to spread the wealth as much as I can.

Thanks again, everyone. I hope everyone is staying safe and sane. And I will hopefully see you in Memphis for Worlds.


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