Weekend Wrap Up - 12.5.21

Posted December 5th, 2021 by Joe Pangrazio

Oh boy, what a week that one was. Normally I do these on the Nexus Facebook Page but this week it just felt like there was too much to cover. So let's get into it.

Release Updates: 

  • Empyre's Pre-Releases have been cancelled. The full release is still expected to be on 12.15. 
  • As well, the F4 Storyline kits are expected to have a "rolling release" of 12.15
    • This is similar to Eternals. Not all stores are likely to get their kits right on that Wednesday, but stores are able to run events once they receive the kits, as long as it is after 12.15.

Who the Clix?

Units Updates
Every dial from the Eternals Movie gravity feed is now up in units. We are also down to the last 4 dials of Empyre being unknown (053a Ultron, 053b Ultron Pym, 067 Norrin Radd, 072 Rikki Barnes; 2 SRs and 2 chases). If the F4 kits come out on time, we will likely have those all up a few days after 12.15 as well.

Empyre Case Break

With Empyre expected to arrive before Christmas, what better time to promote our case break. A Square page has been set up for buy ins. Shipping will be charged separately after the case break. If you don't have a Friendly Neighborhood Geek Shop, it's a great way to buy some boosters with a higher chance of getting "Good Stuff."

 New JUDGE! Article

A Quick Peek at the PAC

Best of 2021 Community Vote
You can head over the Nexus forums right now and vote on your personal Top Ten Heroclix of 2021

Casual Reviews

With the Eternals GF fully spoiled and all the Empyre dials up to the Super Rares also known, I'm going to get on doing a few more casual reviews. Remember, the best way to make sure you don't miss them is to become a Patron. Just $2 a month gets you a lot of extra content and helps support this wonderful site.



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