HypeTrain: Disney+ Numbercrunching

Posted May 4th, 2022 by Joe Pangrazio

People are always looking for this kind of info, so let's get right to it. Reminder: collation is never guaranteed. My brick may or may not be typical and you can't expect the result of any unboxing to be exactly like your brick/case (even if a few might be).

I pulled three Equipment Objects: The Super Soldier Serum, Captain America's Shield and Redwing.

I pulled three Super Rares: Agatha, Falcon and Hydra Stomper.

I pulled six Rares, 1 of which was a prime (Power Broker).

I pulled twelve Uncommons, 1 of which was a Duplicate (T'Challa Star Lord).

I pulled 29 Commons, 12 of which were duplicates (seen in the picture below).

Even though my brick didn't have a god pack or chase, I still think it was a good value brick. Relatively low duplication that is relegated among the commons, which you expect. Three objects out of a possible eight is pretty good, in my opinion. And that I am able to complete the WandaVision Halloween theme and only need to track down the Super Rare Vision and Prime makes me happy. Again, personally happy to get a few key Loki pieces and that Hydra Stomper is just delightful.

I think Strange Supreme will be a problem in sealed but if it comes at the cost of not duplicating Uncommons, I suppose it's a worthwhile sacrifice. And that's all the analysis I have in me today. What do you think of the brick? Was this article useful? Let me know.

Disney+ is expected to release June 1st, 2022. Make sure to support your Friendly Neighborhood Geek Shop.


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