Why I Am Here at ClixNexus

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Why I Am Here at ClixNexus

Postby RobEng » Sun Dec 27, 2020 12:45 pm

hoojeebo wrote:Rob Eng! I recognize your name from our Miniature Trading days. So glad to have you join this yearly thread. I've invited you several times over on HCR, but since I'd never gotten a reply I was ready to write you off as a lost cause. I'm happy to know that all it took was years of waiting and listing this thread on an alternate site. :P

Yep, it is me coming out of my hidey hole. I am still looking for a good replacement to MiniatureTrading.com and hoping ClixNexus might be it so I am trying to support it. After MTC closed down I looked to HCRealms to be a replacement but after spending the time to enter my collection data in there, I discovered my profile has some sort of glitch where my Haves/Wants link under-reports SOME (not all) of my collection so it is making it very difficult. Efforts to get support at HCRealms (forum posts, PMs, help contact interface) have only gotten silence. Which lead me to ClixNexus.

I really loved MiniatureTrading.com for (relative) ease of collection entry, PDF exporting of collection, and automation of the trade process (finding traders with haves/wants that synced up with yours, trade tracking, built in feedback, automatic debit/credit of your collection after trade completion) but sadly the community dried up. HCRealms has a healthy user base but I find the trade process there as tedious and the return on my time investment is questionable. Same with Facebook trade groups.

I don't want to go overboard bashing HCRealms but it feels like they are on cruise control and I want more. I know ClixNexus has a long way to go but I have hope that it fills the need for a quality collection management for Heroclix collections and a robust enough community to fuel it. I have yet to pull the trigger on entering my collection here and contributing financially pending on a Have/Wants list to link to but figured that I can try to contribute with forum/community building.

To the site owners: if there is work to be done on ClixNexus, I am interested in helping out so reach out to me. I am not skilled with databases but have been considering learning. I used to operate an online game site called GameTable Online so I have some web business experience.
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Re: Why I Am Here at ClixNexus

Postby JoePanc » Sun Dec 27, 2020 7:27 pm

Thank you for your support.

This year ended up being a terrible year to launch a new website, but feedback like this does help me see what people want from the site. And therefore, what to focus on.
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Re: Why I Am Here at ClixNexus

Postby thecheckeredman » Mon Jan 18, 2021 6:17 pm

I ended up here on CLixNexus, honestly, because HCRealms is blocked on my work computer. Lol. Seriously. However, I found that I like this site better. Also, I wanted to create an account so I could see some of the new upcoming set images but I was never able to complete the registration... Blurg
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