Storyline Event- Barons Of The Battleworld

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Storyline Event- Barons Of The Battleworld

Postby RyuSabakyu » Mon Apr 26, 2021 8:56 pm

Since we are going back to playing in the venue very shortly here, I am thinking of starting Barons as a once per month event running 4-6 months at a time. Check out the details below, and LMK if you have any questions, comments, concern, or feedback.

Who is the best Leader in Heroclix?

Each player declares a NAMED character (with Set, and figure number) at the top starting line of 75 points or lower that can use Leadership to be their Leader. During force construction, characters on your starting force and side line must have or gain any Named keyword possessed by the Leader. Bystanders must also possess the keyword if they are on your force during Force Construction. Over the course of the few weeks, different events will be run, to find out who will be the Baron to rule all of BattleWorld.

Character picks will be decided in order of First Come First Serve basis.

Q: Does the leadership have to be traited, or on first click?
A: The character must be able to use leadership via trait, Standard Power, or Special power, regardless of Click #.

Q: Can I choose a character that has multiple starting lines on one of their lower point values?
A: No. just like with the sideline rules, chosen character must be at their top starting line.

Q: Can I play a bystander on my team if they don't have a shared named keyword?
A: No. All characters during force construction need to have or gain a named keyword from the chosen character.

Q: Can the character gain the keyword from the chosen character and be playable?
A: As long as it is during force construction, yes. Characters that gain a keyword at the beginning of the game, during theme Establish, or during the first turn, no.

Q: What about characters that do not break theme under specific circumstances?
A: Yes, they can be added to the team or to the sideline.

Q: Can I pick a character with “Unknown” name?
A: Yes, since you'll be choose a specific figure with set symbol and number.

Q: How do you determine who is the winning Baron?
A: Player with the highest number of wins during the season will be declared the winner. If there is a tie for the number of matches won, Points will be used as tie-breaker.

Q: What’s the age for each event
A: All events will be Oreo Age- All sets following Superman set from 09/01/2011.

Q: So are IDs and Resources legal?
A: Resources, & ID cards will not be legal during matches unless specified by the event. ATA, Location Bonus, Relics, Constructs, and word bubbles will be legal for all matches. Exception to this is the Gamma bomb object.

Q: How long is each season?
A: 4-6 events long, once per month

Q: What do I get for winning the Event?
A: First pick for the event for next season, and choice of Con Lobo, or Con Doop.

Q: When will the matches be held?
A: One event a month.

Q: How will build sheets be turned in?
A: The build can be verified by your opponent before each game.

Q: Is there a time limit to each match?
A: Yes, each match will be between 45-55 minutes long.

Q: Is there a cost to participate?
A: No.

Q: Who gets the first pick of the Character?
A: Its first come, first serve for the first season. Subsequent seasons it will be determined by ranking for the first 3 places, and then first come first serve.

Q: Can I pick the same character I chose last season?
A: If its not claimed by someone else first, absolutely. Each season, the newest winning character will be retired on a rolling 4 season basis.

Q: Are there any banned Barons?
A: No.

Q: If I have a Buy round, do I get any points?
A: Buy Rounds will be worth 50% of the build for the week.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Just message me, dude.
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