TOP TEN Favorite Heroclix of 2020!

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TOP TEN Favorite Heroclix of 2020!

Postby hoojeebo » Wed Dec 09, 2020 8:34 pm

Hello, and welcome to this year's poll of the community's favorite Clix of 2020! Vote for your Top Ten favorite figures of the year! Focusing on (but not limited to) individual figures, voting is technically open to whatever your 10 favorite things were about Heroclix this year. I will take a detailed tally and report back on the top 10 vote-getters just after the end of the year.

Some of you might be thinking, “Really? But I barely got to play this year…” And I know – this year has been weird. It’s been the craziest, most unpredictable year in a series of progressively crazy ones in recent memory. Despite the release of five full booster sets in 2020, many of us were left with nowhere to play due to a pandemic that had stores closed, and most of us staying home. Lockdowns and quarantines drove many of us desperate plastic addicts into online forms of play, including Roll20 and Tabletop Simulator; and this may have helped some of us scratch that itch, but many others only got to play home games, or not at all. Conversely, supply chain issues may have lead to product not being available in every country. On top of that, the last set of 2020, House of X, has been pushed back and won’t be released until 1/6/21. And while that may mean that most won’t get a chance to play these pieces before voting closes, I’ve resolved to include it in this year’s voting.

So to all those affected by the pandemic, I want to say: I feel you, and I hope you can find your way to voting anyway. There are many reasons that someone might like a piece, including fun-factor, sculpt, and comic-accuracy. I would encourage anyone and everyone to weigh in on which of this year’s many stellar pieces were your favorites. At a time when community and connection are in short supply everywhere, it seems all the more important to keep up cherished traditions where we can.

In other words: It doesn't matter if you've been playing for 18 years or if you've just recently picked up the game, please cast your vote!

Last year's favorite as tabulated from the community's votes on HCRealms was...XDPS G007 Juggernaut! We had a record-setting showing last year, with 156 users posting their Top Ten lists! That level of participation is like manna from heaven for me, so I was over the moon. It’s always fun to see who the return voters are, as well as which users both old and new will join the fold for the first time. Also, due to the cyclical nature of this game, many players drop the game at some point only to pick it up again later, and I know from experience that catching up on a game can feel overwhelming, so I want to give a special shout-out to those who may have started playing or returned to the game in 2020 of all years!

Release schedules may have been delayed and tournament plans canceled, but plenty of product still crossed the world and found its way into players’ greedy hands. Here are the options for this year's voting from the following 2020 releases:

Captain America and the Avengers + Fast Forces
Black Widow Movie
Justice League Unlimited + Starter
Fantastic Four + Cosmic Clash Starter + Fast Forces
Battlegrounds: Avengers vs. Masters of Evil
Spider-Man and Venom: Absolute Carnage + Fast Forces
House of X + Fast Forces
Wizkids Deep Cuts: X-Men Primed (Wave 2) – 010 Kitty Pryde through 020 Danger

Promotional Exclusives
Despero’s Revenge OP Kit (Martian Manhunter/Batman/Despero)
Green Arrow and the Justice Society OP Kit (Black Canary/Green Arrow/Wildcat)
Atlantean Civil War OP Kit (Mera/Atlantean General/King Trench)
Everyone Loves Ivy OP Kit (Catwoman/Batman/Poison Ivy)
FCBD Black Widow
Deadpool the Duck
Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Pixie (MP20-101 through 103)
Galactus the Devourer
Lady Phoenix

Alright, so now that we know which pieces are eligible, I'll get us started! First, the runners-up. I’m going to go against type and include a couple of teams made this year that I felt were really well done and fun to play together.

*Widows (represented here by Widows Assassin BWM014)!
Until I saw the dials on the four Widows generics included in the Black Widow Movie set, I would've told you that I'd likely never play this keyword. However, the appropriately effective dials along with the themed team shenanigans (which I love) lead me to buy into this set when I thought that I wouldn't. It also helps that 3/4 of them have the Spy keyword, so they make for great filler on a Spymaster-lead named theme team.

*Frightful Four (represented here by Medusa F4016)!
It seems like half of the pieces in the Fantastic Four set had this keyword, which is great! However, that made it difficult to pick just one, though Medusa here has been the star of every Frightful team I’ve fielded. The sheer amount of options paired with the comprehensive villain theme will have me reaching for this team again and again.

And now my personal Top Ten, in vertigo-inducing alphabetical order!

1) Atlas CAAV063
I love the original Thunderbolts, and Atlas is (arguably) my favorite member of the team. He's also got a ridiculously under-costed dial that's as effective as it is cheap, and I love dials with a super cheap option (25pts, in this case) for squeezing in one more piece onto teams. 8-)

2) Black Widow BWM100
She’s just an absolute blast to play, on top of the fact that I collect motorcycle Clix. The way this dial was designed is one of the most thematically-accurate pieces that I can think of off the top of my head.

3) The Joker JLU010
Most of my votes are for the fun factor that a piece provides, and this Joker is no exception. I love pieces that pop out copies of themselves (or pogs), and using this piece literally had me laughing on every one of my turns.

4) Maker F4065
I’m a bit surprised myself to find that this piece made my list, and I don’t have a long explanation as to why. He just does so much, and is so irritating to play against. I love it.

5) Mole Man F4100
A new must-have for every Monster themed team, which is one of my favorite generic keywords.

6) Quake CAAV010
Oh, you thought hiding behind a wall was going to help you? QUAKE.

7) Solomon Grundy JLU050
It’s the least cost-inflated Grundy we’ve ever gotten, and his breadth of keywords mean that he’ll be appearing on teams for years to come.

8) Spot SVC042
Another piece that feels like the character, and that is so fun to play. He’s always popping up where opponents don’t expect (or want) him!

9) Spymaster CAAV025
We got several characters this year that allow for keyword shenanigans, exemplified by a couple of pieces from CAAV, and then they blew the doors off by giving us no less than TEN figures that also do so in the Spider-Man and Venom set. I love the options that this gives players, and I hope they do a lot more of this moving forward. They’re all really good dials, but I decided to give my vote to the master of spies here because not only did he inspire me to build a lot of Spy teams, but he’s the easiest to acquire.

10) Ultra-Humanite JLU062
As above, so below; my #1 and #10 slots bookend this list for roughly the same reason: they're both characters for whom I have a fondness that have a split dial with a super cheap but effective option. In this case, that 25pts gets you a long-range Mind Controller and TK'er who sees through everything(!!!)...and if that wasn't enough, he's a monkey man with a raygun. Gotta love it!

Alright, that’s it for the preamble. Now it's your turn! Happy voting, have some fun with it, and thanks for reading and following along. Have a great end to your 2020!

(A quick note that this is a cross-post from HCRealms, and that I will be combining any votes that appear on Clix Nexus with votes from HCR. If you've already voted on HCR, or plan to, please do not also vote here, and vice versa. Thanks!)
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Re: TOP TEN Favorite Heroclix of 2020!

Postby FoxxWertas » Thu Dec 10, 2020 6:27 pm

This is really hard for me for some reason. Maybe because of everything that happened this year, maybe because my head is all foggy. I'm not a huge Cap fan and that was the first set to release in 2020. Then we had a huge delay on JLU and FF. I was so excited for FF until the set started to show some previews and it seemed like the same couple of people over and over. Still glad to see the first family back in clix and hopefully Future Foundation next year will bring a lot of the FF we're still missing. I'm not a huge DC guy so I think the only JLU I have is the gray Amazo I modded into Exiles Mimic. SVC gave us a lot of good stuff, stuff I was super happy to play. Some of that will make this list. House of X isn't even out yet and I can easily make ten figures from that my favorites without even having played them yet. In no special order..

01) JLU012 Amazo: He's the closest we'll probably ever see to Exiles Mimic and I need to keep that team fresh if they are going to keep putting out figures with the keyword.
02) FF054 Wolverine: One of my favorite versions of Wolverine reimagined in today's style of clix. Love the sculpt too.
03) FFFF004 Ghost Rider: I don't know why but Danny is my favorite Ghost Rider. I am glad they were able to get so many different versions in the FF set.
04) SVC005 Black Cat: I'm not a huge Black Cat fan but her gaining a keyword I feel is better than other "doesn't count against theme team".
05) SVC028 Flash Thompson: I was iffy about the Secret Identity thing because we saw Alter Egos years ago and they never really seemed to work and confused people pretty good. But they really surprised me and I've snuck this Flash into places and turning him into Agent Venom in the middle of a small army has pulled a game or two back in my favor.
06) SVC049 Scorn: She's going to be on all my upcoming Robot teams and HoX has some good ones coming.
07) HoX024 Douglock: Here's one of those Robots I was talking about from right above this one. Doug and Warlock are two of my favorites from New Mutants and new from House of X.
08) HoX056 Nightcrawler: Nightcrawler is my all time favorite mutant and while this isn't my favorite versions of him it's gonna be in the top 3 easily after I play him,
09) HoX057 Glob Herman: Seeing Glob in this game gave me a little hope for 2020, then they pushed the set back until the second to last day of 2020. I need to pull him release day so I can get a game in with him before 2020 ends.
10) HoX059a Apocalypse: It's a tough choice between the three new Apocalypse's we're getting but I feel like this one will get the most play from me, also he might be the only one I pull. I really enjoyed this small part of HoX, the characters made a huge impression and I hope to pull them all (even if two are Chases).
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Re: TOP TEN Favorite Heroclix of 2020!

Postby JoePanc » Fri Dec 11, 2020 10:43 pm

I would like to publicly say that House of X better make it on the Best of 2021 list, too. Because.

And now in no particular order (except for #1);

10. Spot SVAC042
It's the Spot. If that's not good enough for you, then I don't even want to know you. I love him and have considered it a personal affront that I have not been able to play him yet.

9. Doom CC005
We'll lump Surfer in with this, too (there's only 10 spots!). But after so long without the first family or their arch nemesis, it just feels good to have such a great version of the character back. And he looks so dapper. Ditto all of that (except the nemesis part) for Surfer.

8. Doom 2099, Revolutionary F4060
Yeah, I know, it's technically Victor. But I looooooved this series. And since 2099 aren't necessarily in the Zeitgeist, I didn't think we'd get him. But it's such a good version. And if we had regular tournaments, I definitely would have been running him.

7. Spider-Hamurai SVAC066
It's Spider-Ham as a samurai. If you don't love that, when did you let the joy in your heart die? He's also a perfect stand in for Cerebus...

6. Thor caa070
So, I love Thor. And I was reading the Hickman Avengers when he got his robo arm. And I pulled this guy in a sealed WKO and wrecked house. So, for purely selfish reasons, he makes the list.

5. Deadpool the Duck.
Nuff said.

4. Punisher War Machine caa053b
Probably the only figure on here for purely game play reasons? Punisher is cool and I like Rhodey enough, but I was not attached to Pun Machine as a character. But, that dial...and it won me my first States, so, pretty cool.

3. Annihilus F4057
I have a soft spot for this weirdo, don't know why. And I'm glad to get a new one.

2. Darkseid jlu057
Just because it's Darkseid.

1 Maggott HoX055
It's my first Champ piece. It's strong as hell. And he's never been clixed before this set. I have been super excited about this since the solicit first named him. And guess what? He's probably going to be #1 of my 2021 list, too. Because it's a very cool feeling.
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Re: TOP TEN Favorite Heroclix of 2020!

Postby hoojeebo » Sat Dec 12, 2020 10:32 pm

Great list, Joe, and congrats on a great champion-designed piece! I've awaited Japheth's entry into the game for a long time, so I appreciate the Shellraisers choosing him.

And yeah, I have a feeling that House of X will be included on the list of 2021 vote-eligible sets as well. I planned for this year's thread before the delay was announced, and I didn't want to take it off the table just because 2020 decided to take another jab at us. However, most people won't get to experience the set until well into 2021, so it'll likely make records as the first set to appear in two Top Ten threads. ;)
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Re: TOP TEN Favorite Heroclix of 2020!

Postby RobEng » Thu Dec 24, 2020 10:38 pm

Between the pandemic and a local scene that is down to 4 players, I haven't played much. Here are the figs that impressed me in my play.

  • SVAC Knull: At 125 and the Knull Sword, he pulls his weight. I am not sure if he will get out-actioned at 250 though.
  • SVAC Spot: Close attacks at 4 range with Flurry for 50 points is so much fun. He's got Outwit also. Support him with Perplexer and object that provides Exploit, Quake or BCF and he becomes a real disruptor
  • F4 034 Invisible Woman: Such a team player providing Stealth and Stealth-busting for adjacent keyword allies
  • F4 047 Silver Surfers: Hit-n-run specialists
  • CAA 031b Jolt: Power her up sniping the easy targets and then it is free Energy Explosion and maybe penetrating damage if you're lucky. Assembled Bolts and Masters can speed things up.
  • JLU Amazos: Swiss Army Knives
  • JLU Batman Beyond: When IT: Hindering is wrecking your stealth, time to pull out the Multi-Spectrum Camouflage.
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Re: TOP TEN Favorite Heroclix of 2020!

Postby hoojeebo » Sat Dec 26, 2020 6:56 pm

Rob Eng! I recognize your name from our Miniature Trading days. So glad to have you join this yearly thread. I've invited you several times over on HCR, but since I'd never gotten a reply I was ready to write you off as a lost cause. I'm happy to know that all it took was years of waiting and listing this thread on an alternate site. :P

On the subject of your list, if you intended for me to count both Silver Surfer A/B and Amazo A/B, your list is still only 9 long, so if you wanted to include a 10th piece then please feel free to do so. Cheers!
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Re: TOP TEN Favorite Heroclix of 2020!

Postby RobEng » Sun Dec 27, 2020 12:47 pm

hoojeebo wrote:Rob Eng! I recognize your name from our Miniature Trading days. So glad to have you join this yearly thread. I've invited you several times over on HCR, but since I'd never gotten a reply I was ready to write you off as a lost cause. I'm happy to know that all it took was years of waiting and listing this thread on an alternate site. :P

Yep, it is me coming out of my hidey hole. I have a lengthy explanation of what motivated me to post my list this year at viewtopic.php?f=6&t=139. I didn't want to derail this thread from its focus.
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Re: TOP TEN Favorite Heroclix of 2020!

Postby LokiCharms » Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:44 pm

2020 was a busy year for me with the birth of my son. I can't wait for him to be old enough to learn this game. Hopefully he will enjoy it as much as I do and make some everlasting friends like I did.

10 - CAAV060 Blade what can I say about blade other than he is the only figure I wanted from this set and he works very well with the rest of my Wakanda teams.

9 - JLU005B Batman All that needs to be said is "Am I Blue"

8- JLU051 Batman Beyond Mr. McGinnis loved the show and this is a great figure.

7 - JLU 055 Star girl Was always a fan of her comic and the show has done her a solid.

6-5 - HoX027 Emma Frost, HoX055 Kate Pryde It was a toss up for these two since I can't wait to add them to my Helfire club.

4 - JLU014 Shazam This guy holds a special place in my heart.

3 - HoX051 Maggot I know nothing about this fig but one of the guys who helped create his figure was not only in my wedding but was the clergy who married my wifeso he is a must have.

2- HoX059b Apocalypse 4 Horsemen shall ride again.

1- JLU058 Ace Lets be honest who did not shed a tear while Batman waited for her to die while sitting on a swing.
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Re: TOP TEN Favorite Heroclix of 2020!

Postby hoojeebo » Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:16 pm

Thanks to everyone on Clix Nexus for participating! It's a bit late, but here's the final tally write-up for you all.

*Checks watch*
*Puts on his very best pair of dress sweats*
*Presses play on a cassette single of Europe’s “The Final Countdown”*

Hello again, everyone! I can’t imagine anyone actually wants to look back fondly on 2020 at this point, but we post the TOP TEN results or we gets the hose, so here we go. :lol:

I’d like to start off by saying I’m absolutely amazed at the marvelous showing by the community, despite a year that had many looking on the dark side of life. While doom and gloom was prevalent in 2020, the silver lining is that we have a super community here on HCRealms, as evidenced by the 147 friendly neighborhood users who showed up to vote this year!

Speaking of the people that actually make this thread run, let’s take a moment to focus on the voters, those wonderful bastiches who take the time to stop by and let us know their favorites, and in so doing, have made my December every year since 2014. 2020 saw the return of 109 previous posters, 15 of whom were returning from 2018 or prior. Welcome back, my friends! You all have a special place in the meat locker of my heart, but I have a particular fondness for fresh meat, and this year brought 38 new users into the fold as well! Together we truly are LEGION, and it is most excellent to share your company.

So aside from a megalomaniacal passion for lists and email marketing, what is it that I love so much about this thread every year, you ask? Why, the STATS, of course! Let’s crunch some numbers and see what kinds of fun we can squeeze out of ‘em. First up is my flat-out favorite count of the year, which is that 322 individual pieces received votes this year! New pieces were still getting votes on the last day of voting, in fact, as both Aquaman and his muse Mera (for instance) received their only votes on the final day of voting. :) Conversely, 70% of those 322 figures received more than one vote, which finally breaks the spooky streak of 68% for the past 3 years. (2% may not seem like a lot, but it’s actually pretty difficult to budge that percentage, so be impressed!)

I’d certainly be remiss if I didn’t specifically cover House of X, as well. Most of you are probably aware by now that, while this thread was begun with the expectation that this would be the final set of 2020, its release date being pushed back to 1/6/21 created a…uniquely challenging situation for this thread. While I personally included a couple of HoX pieces on my original list, I edited them out once the (second) delay hit. However, many others were excited about the latest X-Men set this year, and voted for them despite the delay, which was cool with me. As user fightingspirit mused earlier in the HCRealms thread, House of X is a “2020 set in spirit”, and I completely agree. Please know that House of X will be eligible for 2021 votes as well, so this set will get its time to shine. That being said, how did this set fair in this year’s poll? HoX pieces received a total of 90 votes out of a total of 1470, thereby taking home a small but notable 6.12% of the total vote.

Another of my favorite topics to cover is how much people loved or hated this year’s Chases!

-From Captain America and the Avengers, people felt Strange about the good Doctor to the tune of only 3 votes, while Crusher Creel absorbed the most love with 8. As for this year's only Ultra-Chase, Miss Carter pegged 6 votes.
-Black Widow had only 2 chases, and savvy followers might have spied them both on various lists: Taskmaster (whose sole Clix last year tied for 10th place overall) received 5 votes, while the recently errata'd Black Widow infiltrated 13 ballot boxes.
-Voters had Unlimited love for Black Vulcan, to the tune of 7 votes, while I’m sure no one will Wonder why the Twins received exactly zero activations!
-Over in Fantastic Four, Valeria Von Doom ruled over a kingdom of 1, while her “pappy” the God Emperor had 14 voters praying at his altar, placing him just outside the Top 20. While 2020 was certainly Victor’s year all around, GED placing this low was one of the great shocks of my vote-counting career. :o
-And finally, who was everyone’s favorite completely made-up character from Spider-Man and Venom…?? Beating out Spider-Man 1776 by a snout, it’s Spider-Hamurai with 9 votes! Conversely, only 2 voters wanted to call Miles Miles West their huckleberry. (And wow, I really appreciate that the SVAC chases are numbered in alphabetical order, which I only just noticed!)

(Before we jump in to the final count, a quick aside to say that my vote-tallying conventions are to count ALL votes for multi-line figures as ONE vote for that figure. The same goes for figures with Shifting Focus; I lump them together. It’s cool if you mainly like the lowest point value on Galactus, but you and the guy who voted for the 750-point monster just voted for the same thing in my book. When posting the dials below, I’ll always use the highest point value as well.)

And with that, I think it’s time to reveal our Best of 2020 list. I’m going to do something a little differently this time, in that I’m actually going to post the TOP TWENTY! That may sound goofy coming from someone who seems to be obsessed with the number TEN :noid:, but a unique year calls for unique reportage, plus the 11-20 slots are so compelling that it would be a shame not share them. Away we go!

18-20) A bevy of burly bros that tied with 15 votes each!

f4054 Wolverine

caav070 Thor

f4036 The Thing

15-17) A three-way that I’d pay to see with 16 votes!

caav053b Punisher War Machine

svc014 Mary Jane Watson

f4013b Black Leopard

11-14) Oh, and another Thing! Who’d have *ever thought* that Spot would tie with Galactus for 17 votes?? (Spot is also the highest-ranking figure from my own list, huzzah!)

f4049 The Thing

svc042 Spot

caav058 Immortal Hulk

G001 Galactus

10) Now for the real reason we’re all here: with 18 votes, it’s the highest-ranking Common of 2020!

jlu012 Amazo

8-9) Representing the poles of the hero/villain spectrum with 19 votes!

caav054 Captain Marvel

svc051 Absolute Carnage

7) There were two tight, back-and-forth rivalries in the Top Ten this year, and here’s everyone’s second favorite Spider-Man with 21 votes!

caav052 Spider-Man

6) By a leg (or eight), the community roundly pronounced that this piece was not garbage with 23 votes!

svc054 Spider-Man

5) Shifting his shape to please the masses, it’s Kl’rt with 24 votes!

f4058 Super Skrull

3-4) In what was THE nail-biter of the year (at least for me here behind the scenes), both stellar Norrin Radd figures jockeyed for position like thoroughbreds, but in the end the main set figure tied with Darkseid with 28 votes! Meanwhile, Uxas gets the “Creeper of the Year” award for ever so slowly masterminding his way up the list, one vote at a time.

f4047a Silver Surfer

jlu057 Darkseid

2) That’s right, y’all! TWO Spider-Men, and TWO Silver Surfers both made it into the Top Ten of 2020, and earning second place by a sliver with 29 votes, it’s…!

ffcc006 Silver Surfer

1) And finally…our #1 piece of the year…in what is the largest margin between second and first on record, and also the highest vote-getter in the history of this series…it’s the triumphant return of DR. DOOM with 39 votes!

I mean really, is anyone even a little surprised? :cheeky:

ffcc005 Dr. Doom

Some follow-up observations:

So Doom and Surfer's Cosmic Clash representations topped the overall list, but Invisible Woman FFCC002 was the most popular Fantastic Four member from that Starter with 14 votes. Another interesting factoid is that, while we got a clutch of OG FF at each rarity in Fantastic Four, the Uncommons were the least popular with only two votes (both for The Thing F4020). As for the popularity of the OG FF members overall (incorporating votes for all iterations of that character), there were no surprises to be had, at least not for me. :D

*Ben Grimm: 44 votes total
*Susan Storm-Richards: 28 votes
*Reed Richards: 25 votes
*Johnny Storm: 15 votes

I'm also happy to be including a set-by-set breakdown for you all this year, and will be doing this moving forward as well! The totals below are all based on the total votes that figures from each set received. The percentages are based on the 1470 votes total that were included in the final tally.

*Convention Exclusives/LE's (including Galactus): 38 votes / 2.59% of the total votes
*Captain America and the Avengers + Fast Forces: 297 votes / 20.20%
*Fantastic Four: Cosmic Clash: 114 votes / 7.76%
*Black Widow Movie: 43 votes / 2.93%
*Justice League Unlimited + Starter: 307 votes / 20.88%
*Fantastic Four + Fast Forces: 305 votes / 20.75%
*Battlegrounds: Avengers vs. Masters of Evil: 12 votes / 0.82%
*Spider-Man and Venom: Absolute Carnage + Fast Forces: 258 votes / 17.55%
*House of X + Fast Forces: 90 votes / 6.12%
*Wizkids Deep Cuts: X-Men Primed (Wave 2): 5 votes / 0.34%

So as you can see, votes for the main sets were quite evenly distributed, but Justice League Unlimited takes the crown for the set with the most votes! On a related note, Captain America and the Avengers had the most individual figures that received at least one vote, to the tune of 65. Meanwhile, Cosmic Clash is indeed one of the most popular Starters ever released, with an average of 18.67 votes per figure!

Speaking of character popularity, each of the following character names were represented on a handful of figures this year, and every one received at least one vote!

*Baron Zemo: 4 figures
*Captain America: 4 figures
*Ghost Rider: 4 figures
*Green Arrow: 4 figures
*Lex Luthor: 3 figures
*Martian Manhunter: 4 figures
*The Thing: 5 figures

Batman just barely missed this list, because while 4/5 of the Bruce Waynes we received this year got votes, absolutely no one wanted to protect D19-005 from Despero's Revenge. Similarly, 6/7 figures with the name Spider-Man received at least one mention, but nobody thought FFF4001 was fantastic.

To close, as a companion piece to my write-up on Chases, I wanted to touch upon Primes as well. Specifically, were there any that didn't receive votes...? Yes, just a couple (and I'm not including House of X, at this point); both Azzuri and Riot failed to make an impact on voters. (In fact, Riot's A-dial received zero votes as well, so I hereby dub him the least popular symbiote of all time. :p) Of course, as covered above, the most popular Primes this year were Black Leopard and Punisher War Machine, who tied with 16 votes, but who are nowhere near each other in terms of dollar value.

So there we have it! What do you think? Any shockers from your perspective? Any piece you were expecting to see but didn't? Are you curious about a piece that I didn't mention? Feel free to discuss the results and speculate about this or that as we ease into another great year of Clix!

Thanks for participating and reading, y'all! Hoojeebo out. :twisted:
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